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Seda Mimaroğlu is a poet, writer, and artist from Istanbul with an academic background in law, literature, art history, and philosophy.

On Love Songs

"Gentle and radical, intricate and painfully open, Seda Mimaroğlu's Love Songs demonstrate that, despite everything, poetry is still capable of making things happen. Good news for the troubled times—and a book that will definitely find devoted readers."


—Maria Stepanova, author of In Memory of Memory  


"A play. Situations.

Situations she gets herself into, or has been nudged towards, amiable mostly, then turning around. Less a quest and more a reception, more a finding. A system. Flickering light on letters. A tingle beneath the skin. She is a keen observer. Inspection spells introspection.

She moves about in the space. Her eyes sweep over the diorama, over bodies, their relationships to and among each other, a record-keeping process, saving, caching, for a subsequent visit, revisiting, mingling again with the gang, later, when it gets dark outside or the day dawns; now they send signals, the rested thoughts behind closed lids, and her fingers dance over the keys.

A play of lights. Reflektionen."


—Andreas Reihse, composer, musician and artist; member of the band Kreidler


On Loose Leaves

"Loose Leaves is Seda Mimaroğlu's debut poetry collection scored by Andreas Reihse (Kreidler). Mimaroğlu's intimate, confessional, poetry recitations are gently refracted into oneiric, sonic sketches, meandering at moments, into the faint, sprawling corridor, en route to the dance floor. A back and forth, epistolary riff between Mimaroğlu and Reihse at its finest."


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